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26 Jun 09
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Weakness continues in local UAE seamless pipe market
13 Apr 09
Steel News China’s imports and exports indicate positive signs in March
06 Feb 09
Steel Prices & Market Analyses US scrap prices weaken under depressed economy
12 Jan 09
Steel Prices & Market Analyses US scrap prices trend up in first month of New Year
31 Dec 08
Steel Prices & Market Analyses US semi-finished product buyers taking “wait and see” approach
10 Nov 08
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Have US scrap prices hit bottom yet?
25 Aug 08
Steel News The Ukrainian scrap market in Jan-May 2008 - UAMB (Ukrainian Scrap Association) President ...
10 Sep 07
Steel Matters Global Market / Macro Economics outlook from Mr. Jose A. Rey of Grupo CELSA
30 Aug 07
Steel News China's plate prices retain strength in 2007 due to various factors
01 Jun 07
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Tepid finished product markets cause US semis to soften
23 May 07
Steel News China becomes net coal importer for first time ever
29 Mar 07
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Exports provide support for Chinese semis market
19 Sep 06
Steel Matters A view of the import rebar market in the US from Voest-Alpine
29 Aug 06
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Chinese scrap market in August
24 Mar 06
Steel Prices & Market Analyses US wide flange beams: Domestic lead times increase
13 May 05
Steel Matters Review and forecast on China domestic scrap market
14 Mar 05
Steel Matters China’s steel market March 4-11, 2005
08 Mar 05
Steel Matters Analysis: China’s iron ore supply situation through 2010
09 Feb 05
Steel News Malaysian foreign trade statistics
29 Oct 04
Steel Matters China’s steel consumption not to reach top before 2010
29 Oct 04
Steel News BlueScope Steel: China-Australia important trading partners
25 Oct 04
Steel Matters Global trade expected to grow by 8.5%
06 Sep 04
Steel Matters Scrap steel market in UK at peak performance
29 Jul 04
Steel Matters China crude steel production, consumption, and imports for 1st half 2004
05 Sep 03
Steel Matters Steel trade between Japan and China declined by 5%
25 Mar 03
Steel Matters The incredible growth in Chinese iron & steel industry
07 Aug 02
Steel News Possible AD action against plate imports in Korea
28 May 02
Steel News Japan wants to meet China on safeguard measures
17 May 02
Steel Matters Analysts: Global steel output set for recovery