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08 Oct 12 Steel News Changzhi Steel’s average daily output of 12 mm rebar hits 3,500 mt in Sept
02 Oct 12 Steel News IREPAS: Overall long steel consumption grows worldwide, except in Europe
26 Sep 12 Steel News Tangshan Steel’s high strength rebar output accounts for 80% of its total rebar output in ...
14 Sep 12 Steel News Overhaul details of Chinese steel mills as of September 13
29 Aug 12 Steel News CISA: China’s net finished steel exports up 20 percent in January-July
17 Aug 12 Steel News Finished steel inventory down slightly in China during July
08 Aug 12 Steel News China’s rebar output rises by 13.9 percent in January-June
06 Jun 12 Steel News Shagang develops production of HRB 600 rebar
25 May 12 Steel News Bayi Steel’s quake-resistant rebar output exceeds 500,000 mt year-to-date
11 May 12 Steel News Steel Scene longs panel: Are dumping cases on the horizon for the US’ wire rod and rebar ...
09 May 12 Steel News Yicheng Steel produces 180,700 mt of crude steel in April
08 May 12 Steel News Kunming Steel Yuxi Conglomerate Bar develops new rebar product
30 Apr 12 Steel News Xuanhua Steel sells 7,000 mt of high strength rebar in April
27 Apr 12 Steel News Changzhi Steel develops HRB 400E high strength quake-proof rebar
24 Apr 12 Steel News China’s steel product inventory declines further
18 Apr 12 Steel News Yonggang Corporation produces 600 MPa HTB reinforcement bar
17 Apr 12 Steel News Bayi Steel’s rebar deliveries total 330,000 mt in Q1
21 Mar 12 Steel News Xinxing Jihua Group develops earthquake-resistant fine grain steel bar
19 Mar 12 Steel News Zhuhai Yueyufeng Steel produces earthquake-resistant rebar
26 Jan 12 Steel News RWR 2012: Concerns and hopes along the long product supply spectrum
11 Jan 12 Steel News Liuzhou Steel gets approval for HRB 500 and HRB 500E rebar
08 Dec 11 Steel News Chengde Steel completes production for large order of 50 mm rebar
02 Dec 11 Steel News Shuicheng Steel sees record monthly finished steel output in November
15 Nov 11 Steel News Hebei Steel develops high-strength earthquake-resistant rebar
10 Nov 11 Steel News High-strength quake-resistant rebar to be produced in Bayan, Heilongjiang
07 Nov 11 Steel News Shougang successfully develops HRB500E hot rolled ribbed seismic reinforcement
03 Nov 11 Steel News Lengshuijiang Steel starts to sell new rebar grades
30 Aug 11 Steel News Shougang Changzhi Steel starts new rebar production line
16 May 11 Steel News Chengde Steel supplies HRB 500 rebar to Taishan nuclear plant
18 Feb 11 Steel News Guizhou Province to step up consolidation of local steel industry
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