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06 Mar 15 Steel News IREPAS: Global long steel market remains under strong pressure from supply side
26 Feb 15 Steel News Moody’s warns of possible outlook drop for Asian steel companies
20 Feb 15 Steel Matters WSD Strategic Insights XLIX: Steel industry scenarios: Grim outlook for 2015, better in ...
09 Feb 15 Steel News IREPAS: Strong supply pressure and aggressive offers in global long steel market
06 Feb 15 Steel News EUROFER: EU economic fundamentals improve, uncertainties remain
26 Jan 15 Steel News Goldman Sachs lowers iron ore price forecast
22 Jan 15 Steel News MIIT and CISA meet to discuss Chinese steel industry development
22 Jan 15 Steel News MOC: China to face more complex foreign trade situation in 2015
21 Jan 15 Steel News S&P revises iron ore price forecast downward
20 Jan 15 Interview Sergey Sulimov: Turkish steel producers should consider consolidation
19 Jan 15 Steel News Pipe producers ask Gazprom to reconsider purchase prices for pipes.
19 Jan 15 Steel News MIIT: Changing circumstances for China’s steel industry
19 Jan 15 Steel News German steel industry expects moderate recovery in 2015
15 Jan 15 Steel News Turkish producers favor continuing import duty on flat rolled steel
14 Jan 15 Steel News EUROFER views China’s export tax rebate removal as insufficient
13 Jan 15 Steel News Indian gov’t agency suggests halting iron ore exports to Japan, Korea
12 Jan 15 Steel News Turkey's steel pipe exports total 1.95 million mt in 2014
12 Jan 15 Steel News IREPAS: Lull in global long steel market due to holiday period
12 Jan 15 Steel News Indian government mulls increasing steel import duties
08 Jan 15 Steel News Azerbaijani steel producer to examine regional competitors
17 Dec 14 Steel News EUROFER foresees continued but slow growth for 2015
16 Dec 14 Steel News OECD Steel Committee: Steel demand growth to remain moderate
16 Dec 14 Steel News EUROFER: EU trade policy needs to become more reactive
15 Dec 14 Steel News China’s export tax rebate on boron-added steel likely to be removed
10 Dec 14 Steel News CISA: Chinese steel industry to see increased profits in current year
09 Dec 14 Steel News IREPAS: Oversupply still evident in global long steel market
02 Dec 14 Steel News EUROFER: Chinese steel producers exploit export tax regime
28 Nov 14 Steel News Plummer: Iron ore price to decline to $65/mt in 2015
28 Nov 14 Steel News Erdemir: Iron ore price trend to determine future iron ore consumption
24 Nov 14 Steel News Arab steelmakers look to avert threat of cheap Chinese imports
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