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12 Sep 12
Steel News Lanzhou steel logistics park to be completed by 2016
06 Sep 12
Steel News Changjiang Steel’s steel project on schedule for completion
31 Aug 12
Steel News Carpenter Technology Corp to build bar plant in China
28 Aug 12
Steel News Zhongyuan Special Steel to invest RMB 884 million in new project
29 Jun 12
Steel News Ji’an Steel gets approval for production of HRB 400E rebar
16 May 12
Steel News Chengde Steel develops 500E grade 20 mm deformed bar
27 Apr 12
Steel News Jigang Group to commission first phase of steel section/pipe project
19 Apr 12
Steel News High frequency welded H-section line to be built in northwest China
18 Apr 12
Steel News Yonggang Corporation produces 600 MPa HTB reinforcement bar
17 Apr 12
Steel News Fujian Sangang to commission high speed bar project at end of April
12 Apr 12
Steel News Lanxin Steel invests RMB 800 million to construct high speed bar line
11 Apr 12
Steel News Bayi Steel starts construction on steel processing projects in Xinjiang
10 Apr 12
Steel News Three steelmakers in Jiangsu to eliminate outdated capacities in 2012
09 Apr 12
Steel News Xuanhua Steel develops new boron-added wire rod products
06 Apr 12
Steel News Liheng Steel rebuilds high speed wire rod production line
30 Mar 12
Steel News Jianbang Group to commission new wire rod project in May
27 Mar 12
Steel News Xilin Steel to invest RMB 800 million in 2nd phase upgrading project
23 Mar 12
Steel News Baosteel develops P91 pipe billet with large diameter
21 Mar 12
Steel News Xinxing Jihua Group develops earthquake-resistant fine grain steel bar
19 Mar 12
Steel News Zhuhai Yueyufeng Steel produces earthquake-resistant rebar
16 Mar 12
Steel News Xiwang Special Steel develops 200 series stainless steel products
15 Mar 12
Steel News Yu Steel nears completion of long steel project
15 Mar 12
Steel News Shenyuan Special Steel carries out hot test on stainless billet caster
08 Mar 12
Steel News Hansteel completes hot run test on H-section production line
20 Feb 12
Steel News Taiyuan Steel’s forged steel round bar approved by CCS
17 Feb 12
Steel News Xinghua Steel develops 175 mm x 175 mm H-section structural steel
17 Feb 12
Steel News Guiyang Special Steel to build 500,000 mt capacity wire rod facility
16 Feb 12
Steel News Xinpu Steel to commission 800,000 mt steel bar project in August
15 Feb 12
Steel News Yingkou City invests in two key iron and steel projects
13 Feb 12
Steel News Baogang to commission upgraded beam production line by end of year