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01 Apr 05
Steel News Vietnam looks to billet imports to meet demand
11 Feb 05
Steel Matters Turkish automotive sector to apply brakes in 2005
27 Jan 05
Steel Matters 20 years' highest figures for Russian scrap
13 Jan 05
Steel Prices & Market Analyses No major change in local scrap prices in Russia
30 Dec 04
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Local scrap prices in Russia
14 Dec 04
Steel News Tariffs on steel scrap besiege US steel producers
05 Oct 04
Steel News Erdemir CEO explained raw material strategies
24 Sep 04
Steel News Ukrainian producer Interpipe to increase prices in October
06 Sep 04
Steel Matters Scrap steel market in UK at peak performance
29 Jul 04
Steel Matters China crude steel production, consumption, and imports for 1st half 2004
21 May 04
Steel News European Union may take certain measures to help steel producers
31 Mar 04
Steel Matters US February steel imports down from January
16 Jan 04
Steel Matters Ferrous scrap market could create new front for trade wars
24 Dec 03
Steel Matters 7th Middle East Steel Conference
08 Sep 03
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Scrap purchase by Hanbo Steel
12 May 03
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Russian scrap export price is down
18 Apr 03
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Dongkuk purchased A3 scrap from Russia
07 Mar 03
Steel Prices & Market Analyses Local scrap price in Russia
31 Dec 02
Steel Matters Turkish Market recap by year end 2002
10 Oct 02
Steel Matters Possible scrap export tax rise by Russia upsets EU
10 Oct 02
Steel News Possible increase on export tax of Russian scrap
13 Sep 02
Steel News Russia's Rostov port is banned for foreign flag ships
06 Sep 02
Steel News Sudden U-turn in scrap markets is seen this month
15 Jul 02
Steel News New steel trade agreement between Russia & EU
07 Jun 02
Steel News June 7, Freight market Densay A.S.
06 May 02
Steel News July, target date for new EU-Russia pact