SteelOrbis: South America Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-09-21T08:12:51Z SteelOrbis 2014-09-21T08:12:51Z en Lower prices and alternative suppliers boost Brazilian HRC imports 2014-09-21T21:27:40Z 2014-09-21T21:27:40Z 2014-09-21T21:27:40Z Argentina's crude steel output down 2.4 percent in August 2014-09-19T14:17:46Z 2014-09-19T14:17:46Z In August this year the country's crude steel production decreased by 2.4 percent year on year, amounting to 467,400 metric tons. 2014-09-19T14:17:46Z Steady prices for Brazilian exports of niobium ferroalloys 2014-09-18T22:57:38Z 2014-09-18T22:57:38Z 2014-09-18T22:57:38Z Tenaris officially opens OCTG threading unit in Ecuador 2014-09-18T13:26:30Z 2014-09-18T13:26:30Z Tenaris S.A. has announced that it officially opened its new oil country tubular goods (OCTG) threading mill in Ecuador on Tuesday, September 16. 2014-09-18T13:26:30Z Brazilian domestic plate prices to remain stable after monthly drop 2014-09-18T08:35:01Z 2014-09-18T08:35:01Z 2014-09-18T08:35:01Z Vale to benefit from tax credit measure 2014-09-17T22:51:05Z 2014-09-17T22:51:05Z 2014-09-17T22:51:05Z Vale could soon unload iron ore at Chinese ports 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z Brazilian steel exports up 2.1 percent in January-August 2014-09-17T14:53:59Z 2014-09-17T14:53:59Z In the first eight months of this year Brazil's exports of steel products increased by 2.1 percent year on year to 5.6 million metric tons. 2014-09-17T14:53:59Z CSN increases price for tinplate exports 2014-09-15T21:15:20Z 2014-09-15T21:15:20Z 2014-09-15T21:15:20Z Brazilian import and domestic rebar prices fall 2014-09-15T21:12:30Z 2014-09-15T21:12:30Z 2014-09-15T21:12:30Z Brazil’s transportation ministry approves Vale’s railway plan 2014-09-14T22:36:31Z 2014-09-14T22:36:31Z 2014-09-14T22:36:31Z Vale to divest oil and gas assets to focus on iron ore 2014-09-14T22:34:16Z 2014-09-14T22:34:16Z 2014-09-14T22:34:16Z Low iron ore prices complicate Brazilian producers’ expansion plans 2014-09-12T17:58:17Z 2014-09-12T17:58:17Z 2014-09-12T17:58:17Z Brazilian wire rod export prices stay firm despite tonnage drops 2014-09-12T17:55:59Z 2014-09-12T17:55:59Z 2014-09-12T17:55:59Z Vale inks cooperation agreement with COSCO 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z Brazilian miner Vale has announced that it has signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation in iron ore shipping with China-based COSCO. 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z Latin America's finished steel imports from China rise further in July 2014-09-10T14:34:43Z 2014-09-10T14:34:43Z In July this year, Latin America's finished steel imports from China totaled 705,024 metric tons, up nine percent month on month. 2014-09-10T14:34:43Z Brazil's iron ore exports down 9.4% in August from July 2014-09-10T14:18:24Z 2014-09-10T14:18:24Z Brazil's iron ore export volume amounted to 28.26 million mt in August this year, decreasing by 9.37 percent compared to July. 2014-09-10T14:18:24Z Vale awards ABB $103 million contract in bid to expand capacity 2014-09-09T22:55:13Z 2014-09-09T22:55:13Z 2014-09-09T22:55:13Z Brazilian pig iron export prices rise 2014-09-09T22:53:52Z 2014-09-09T22:53:52Z 2014-09-09T22:53:52Z Brazilian iron ore export prices edge up in August while shipments decline 2014-09-09T22:52:29Z 2014-09-09T22:52:29Z 2014-09-09T22:52:29Z CSN to pay $1.78 billion in taxes to Brazilian revenue service 2014-09-08T22:00:30Z 2014-09-08T22:00:30Z 2014-09-08T22:00:30Z Vale: Iron ore prices unsustainable in the long term 2014-09-08T21:58:52Z 2014-09-08T21:58:52Z 2014-09-08T21:58:52Z HRC export prices in Brazil fall slightly since August 2014-09-08T21:57:29Z 2014-09-08T21:57:29Z 2014-09-08T21:57:29Z Brazilian slab export prices down in August 2014-09-08T21:55:26Z 2014-09-08T21:55:26Z 2014-09-08T21:55:26Z Vale's iron ore exports up 2.1 percent in July 2014-09-08T14:21:31Z 2014-09-08T14:21:31Z In July this year, Brazilian miner Vale's iron ore export volume totaled 22.76 million mt, increasing by 2.1 percent year on year. 2014-09-08T14:21:31Z Argentina's auto output down 34.5 percent in August 2014-09-05T14:36:09Z 2014-09-05T14:36:09Z In August this year, Argentina's auto production decreased by 34.52 percent year on year, amounting to 45,787 units. 2014-09-05T14:36:09Z Brazil's motor vehicle output down 18 percent in Jan-Aug 2014-09-05T13:41:26Z 2014-09-05T13:41:26Z In the first eight months of this year, the country's motor vehicle output decreased 18 percent year on year to 2,084,594 units. 2014-09-05T13:41:26Z Steelmaking grade pig iron prices decline in Brazil 2014-09-03T22:58:51Z 2014-09-03T22:58:51Z 2014-09-03T22:58:51Z Mitsui and ArcelorMittal jointly launch steel service center in Brazil 2014-09-03T13:54:23Z 2014-09-03T13:54:23Z Mitsui & Co has announced that its new steel service center in Brazil, MAG Aliança Automóveis do Brasil SSC S.A., has started commercial operations. 2014-09-03T13:54:23Z Brazilian court backs Vale in tax dispute 2014-09-03T13:52:23Z 2014-09-03T13:52:23Z Brazilian miner Vale has been freed from paying taxes on profits made overseas, according to a Reuters report. 2014-09-03T13:52:23Z