SteelOrbis: Americas/ long products Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2015-01-26T02:29:21Z SteelOrbis 2015-01-26T02:29:21Z en Mexican wire rod prices drop but outlook remains strong 2015-01-22T23:58:21Z 2015-01-22T23:58:21Z 2015-01-22T23:58:21Z US wire rod prices start to crack under pressure 2015-01-22T23:56:53Z 2015-01-22T23:56:53Z 2015-01-22T23:56:53Z Import rebar offers to the US poised for continued downtrend 2015-01-21T23:29:00Z 2015-01-21T23:29:00Z 2015-01-21T23:29:00Z BRL devaluation hits rebar imports, but Brazilian domestic prices still rise 2015-01-19T23:34:36Z 2015-01-19T23:34:36Z 2015-01-19T23:34:36Z Slack demand still affecting Mexican rebar market 2015-01-18T22:15:04Z 2015-01-18T22:15:04Z 2015-01-18T22:15:04Z Brazil’s crude steel output declines slightly in 2014 2015-01-16T15:06:02Z 2015-01-16T15:06:02Z Brazilian crude steel production in 2014 amounted to 33.9 million metric tons, 0.7 percent lower year on year. 2015-01-16T15:06:02Z Insteel’s fiscal Q1 earnings rise to $4.2 million 2015-01-15T23:50:55Z 2015-01-15T23:50:55Z 2015-01-15T23:50:55Z Brazilian domestic wire rod prices on an uptrend 2015-01-15T23:45:44Z 2015-01-15T23:45:44Z 2015-01-15T23:45:44Z Will US domestic wire rod trend follow other longs? 2015-01-15T23:44:25Z 2015-01-15T23:44:25Z 2015-01-15T23:44:25Z Was surprising US rebar price move premature? 2015-01-14T23:25:39Z 2015-01-14T23:25:39Z 2015-01-14T23:25:39Z Nucor leads the charge with surprising rebar price decline 2015-01-15T18:07:47Z 2015-01-15T18:07:47Z 2015-01-15T18:07:47Z US mills drop merchant bar prices to compete with imports 2015-01-15T18:06:17Z 2015-01-15T18:06:17Z 2015-01-15T18:06:17Z CITT: Certain rebar imports threaten injury to Canadian market 2015-01-12T11:46:26Z 2015-01-12T11:46:26Z CITT has found that rebar imports from China, South Korea and Turkey have not caused injury but are threatening to cause injury to the domestic market 2015-01-12T11:46:26Z US DOC publishes final margins for Chinese wire rod 2015-01-08T23:50:50Z 2015-01-08T23:50:50Z 2015-01-08T23:50:50Z Brazilian steel mills to increase long product and structural prices 2015-01-08T23:47:35Z 2015-01-08T23:47:35Z 2015-01-08T23:47:35Z US import wire rod market resists uptrend 2015-01-08T23:56:35Z 2015-01-08T23:56:35Z 2015-01-08T23:56:35Z Demand for future import rebar orders slow in US 2015-01-07T22:39:10Z 2015-01-07T22:39:10Z 2015-01-07T22:39:10Z Latin America's finished steel imports from China up 83% in November 2015-01-06T15:38:19Z 2015-01-06T15:38:19Z In the first 11 months of last year, Chinese finished steel exports amounted to 75.5 million mt, up 53 percent. 2015-01-06T15:38:19Z US rebar market prepares for Q1 import flood 2015-01-02T13:52:06Z 2015-01-02T13:52:06Z Although activity within the US domestic and import rebar markets has been quiet this week due to the holidays... 2015-01-02T13:52:06Z US standard pipe market trends quiet amidst New Year’s Eve week 2015-01-02T13:44:59Z 2015-01-02T13:44:59Z There hasn't been a whole lot of activity taking place within the US domestic and import Grade A electric residence weld (ERW)... 2015-01-02T13:44:59Z New Year looking bleak for US wire rod market 2014-12-31T13:53:25Z 2014-12-31T13:53:25Z 2014-12-31T13:53:25Z US rebar market not fully accepting higher import offers 2014-12-26T15:40:47Z 2014-12-26T15:40:47Z Despite most of the US domestic rebar market being quiet this week due to the holidays, Turkish mills are answering inquiries... 2014-12-26T15:40:47Z Can US HSS spot prices rock steady into the New Year? 2014-12-25T16:31:53Z 2014-12-25T16:31:53Z The slow-erosion of US domestic hot rolled coil (HRC) prices may be cause for concern for players within the US domestic hollow structural sections... 2014-12-25T16:31:53Z Uptrend in wire rod prices expected for Brazil 2014-12-24T17:48:44Z 2014-12-24T17:48:44Z 2014-12-24T17:48:44Z Rebar prices will increase in Brazil 2014-12-22T23:56:04Z 2014-12-22T23:56:04Z 2014-12-22T23:56:04Z Mexican wire rod prices slip slightly 2014-12-22T22:13:10Z 2014-12-22T22:13:10Z 2014-12-22T22:13:10Z Import rebar offers to the US 2014-12-22T21:07:41Z 2014-12-22T21:07:41Z 2014-12-22T21:07:41Z Mexican rebar prices slowly moving upward 2014-12-18T23:43:04Z 2014-12-18T23:43:04Z 2014-12-18T23:43:04Z US import wire rod prices hit bottom but interest doesn’t increase 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z Mexico imposes definitive AD duty on steel cable imports from China 2014-12-18T09:56:51Z 2014-12-18T09:56:51Z Mexico's Secretariat of Economy has announced that it has imposed a definitive antidumping duty on steel cable imports from China. 2014-12-18T09:56:51Z