SteelOrbis: coking coal Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2015-01-28T15:42:04Z SteelOrbis 2015-01-28T15:42:04Z en India not to grant coking coal mining permit to private miners 2015-01-28T13:08:35Z 2015-01-28T13:08:35Z The Indian government will exclude coking coal assets from its plans to auction coal blocks for commercial mining by private mining companies. 2015-01-28T13:08:35Z Anglo American posts increased iron ore output for Q4 2015-01-28T12:32:35Z 2015-01-28T12:32:35Z In Q4, iron ore production from Kumba Iron Ore increased by 10 percent year on year to 12.4 million mt. 2015-01-28T12:32:35Z Ukraine’s coal mining output down 22 percent in 2014 2015-01-28T11:45:32Z 2015-01-28T11:45:32Z Ukraine's coal mining output decreased by 22 percent year on year to 65 million mt. 2015-01-28T11:45:32Z MOC: Average finished steel price in China down 1.4 percent 2015-01-27T10:22:13Z 2015-01-27T10:22:13Z Last week (January 19-25), the overall average finished steel price in China declined by 1.4 percent week on week. 2015-01-27T10:22:13Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 4 2015-01-26T09:33:57Z 2015-01-26T09:33:57Z 2015-01-26T09:33:57Z China’s coking coal imports down 17.3 percent in 2014 2015-01-26T08:39:43Z 2015-01-26T08:39:43Z In 2014, China imported 62.33 million mt of coking coal, down 17.3 percent year on year. 2015-01-26T08:39:43Z War in eastern Ukraine causing coal shortages 2015-01-23T14:42:44Z 2015-01-23T14:42:44Z Ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine has been seriously impacting coal supplies and thermal power electricity generation in the rest of the country 2015-01-23T14:42:44Z MOC: Average finished steel price in China down 0.9 percent 2015-01-21T08:55:43Z 2015-01-21T08:55:43Z Last week (January 12-18), the overall average finished steel price in China declined by 0.9 percent week on week. 2015-01-21T08:55:43Z ArcelorMittal sells its Kuzbass coal mines 2015-01-20T13:59:49Z 2015-01-20T13:59:49Z The sale of its interest in the Kuzbass coal mines in the Kemerovo region of Siberia, Russia, to Russia’s National Fuel Company (NTK). 2015-01-20T13:59:49Z Russia's IMH (KOKS Group) sees increased output in 2014 2015-01-20T13:48:45Z 2015-01-20T13:48:45Z IMH (KOKS Group) produced 2.184 million mt of pig iron in 2014, rising by four percent compared to 2013. 2015-01-20T13:48:45Z Rio Tinto slightly exceeds iron ore production guidance for 2014 2015-01-20T12:18:43Z 2015-01-20T12:18:43Z In 2014, Rio Tinto's produced 295.4 million mt of iron ore, up 11 percent y-o-y, slightly exceeding its production guidance of 295 million mt. 2015-01-20T12:18:43Z Chinese provinces issue coal resource tax rates 2015-01-19T16:08:49Z 2015-01-19T16:08:49Z From the start of the current year, many provinces and cities in China have issued their new ad valorem coal resource taxes. 2015-01-19T16:08:49Z Raspadskaya sees 31 percent rise in coal output in 2014 2015-01-19T15:24:41Z 2015-01-19T15:24:41Z producer Raspadskaya has stated that in the fourth quarter of 2014 its coal output increased by 36 percent quarter on quarter to 3.3 million mt. 2015-01-19T15:24:41Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 3 2015-01-16T12:06:42Z 2015-01-16T12:06:42Z 2015-01-16T12:06:42Z Kazakhstan's coal output down 4.8 percent in 2014 2015-01-15T14:37:50Z 2015-01-15T14:37:50Z In 2014, Kazakhstan produced 113.844 million mt of coal, down 4.8 percent. 2015-01-15T14:37:50Z Mechel increases coal supplies to Baosteel 2015-01-15T14:25:37Z 2015-01-15T14:25:37Z Mechel will increase coking coal supplies to Baosteel Resources to 1.4 million mt. 2015-01-15T14:25:37Z Ukraine to import coal from Australia and Kazakhstan 2015-01-13T15:58:23Z 2015-01-13T15:58:23Z Ukraine is about to start receiving coal supplies from Australia and Kazakhstan, the IA Novosti-Kazakhstan new agency has reported. 2015-01-13T15:58:23Z Ukraine imports $1.61 billion worth of coal in Jan-Nov 2015-01-12T15:43:24Z 2015-01-12T15:43:24Z In the January-November period of 2014, Ukraine imported $1.61 billion worth of boghead and anthracite coal. 2015-01-12T15:43:24Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 2 2015-01-09T13:26:51Z 2015-01-09T13:26:51Z 2015-01-09T13:26:51Z Latest situation in local Chinese coke market 2015-01-09T12:49:29Z 2015-01-09T12:49:29Z During the week ending January 9, metallurgical coke prices in the Chinese domestic market have mostly remained on a stable trend. 2015-01-09T12:49:29Z NWR agrees coking coal prices for 2015 2015-01-07T13:50:06Z 2015-01-07T13:50:06Z New World Resources has reached agreements with its customers for coking and thermal coal prices for 2015. 2015-01-07T13:50:06Z Ukraine to import 300,000 mt of coal from Russia in January 2015-01-05T14:39:25Z 2015-01-05T14:39:25Z Since the beginning of 2015, Ukraine has imported 100,000 mt of coal from Russia, according to Ukraine's Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. 2015-01-05T14:39:25Z Coal exports from PWCS up 2.45 percent in 2014 2015-01-05T14:26:08Z 2015-01-05T14:26:08Z In 2014, overall coal exports from Port Waratah Coal Services totaled 111.89 million mt. 2015-01-05T14:26:08Z Cliffs completes sale of Logan County coal assets, closes Bloom Lake operations 2015-01-02T12:36:10Z 2015-01-02T12:36:10Z Cliffs Natural Resources has completed the sale of its Logan County Coal assets in West Virginia to Coronado Coal II LLC, for $174 million in cash. 2015-01-02T12:36:10Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 52 2014-12-26T13:18:08Z 2014-12-26T13:18:08Z 2014-12-26T13:18:08Z China’s coking coal imports down 24.9 percent in November 2014-12-24T09:26:45Z 2014-12-24T09:26:45Z In November this year, China imported 4.96 million mt of coking coal, down 24.9 percent year on year. 2014-12-24T09:26:45Z AHMSA’s coal division sees 10 percent growth in 2014 2014-12-22T22:11:59Z 2014-12-22T22:11:59Z 2014-12-22T22:11:59Z SunCoke Energy announces plans to scale back coal mining business 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 50 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z Coal mines in Russia’s Kuzbass region increase output by 3.9% in Jan-Nov 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z Russia's biggest coal-mining region, produced 18.3 million mt of coal in November this year, up 6.4 percent year on year. 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z