SteelOrbis: coking coal Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-12-19T07:48:41Z SteelOrbis 2014-12-19T07:48:41Z en SunCoke Energy announces plans to scale back coal mining business 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z 2014-12-18T12:25:58Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 50 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z 2014-12-12T15:50:24Z Coal mines in Russia’s Kuzbass region increase output by 3.9% in Jan-Nov 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z Russia's biggest coal-mining region, produced 18.3 million mt of coal in November this year, up 6.4 percent year on year. 2014-12-10T16:07:06Z Ukraine's coal mining output down 19.2% in January-November 2014-12-09T15:53:23Z 2014-12-09T15:53:23Z In the January-November period of the current year, Ukraine's coal mining output decreased by 19.2 percent year on year to 61.498 million mt. 2014-12-09T15:53:23Z US Steel Canada granted permission to restart Hamilton coke ovens 2014-12-08T00:00:31Z 2014-12-08T00:00:31Z 2014-12-08T00:00:31Z Coal exports from PWCS up 1.5 percent in January-November 2014-12-04T10:07:26Z 2014-12-04T10:07:26Z 2014-12-04T10:07:26Z Cliffs Natural Resources sells coal assets to focus on iron ore 2014-12-04T09:49:09Z 2014-12-04T09:49:09Z Cliffs Natural Resources has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Logan County Coal assets in southern West Virginia to Coronado Coal. 2014-12-04T09:49:09Z NSSMC obtains mining license for new coal mining areas in Australia 2014-12-02T13:42:57Z 2014-12-02T13:42:57Z NSSMC has obtained a mining license from the New South Wales government for the development of new mining areas at the Bulga coal mine joint venture 2014-12-02T13:42:57Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 48 2014-11-28T13:42:23Z 2014-11-28T13:42:23Z 2014-11-28T13:42:23Z China’s coal shipments by railway almost stable in January-October 2014-11-28T07:33:08Z 2014-11-28T07:33:08Z In January-October this year, coal shipments by Chinese railways totaled 1.91 billion mt, remaining almost stable year on year. 2014-11-28T07:33:08Z Glencore forms coal JV with Peabody in Australia 2014-11-25T12:12:37Z 2014-11-25T12:12:37Z Peabody Energy has reached an agreement with Glencore to merge New South Wales coal operations. 2014-11-25T12:12:37Z Ukraine's black coal production down 22.9% in January-October 2014-11-24T13:11:35Z 2014-11-24T13:11:35Z In the first 10 months of the current year, Ukraine's black coal output decreased by 22.9 percent year on year to 39.8 million mt. 2014-11-24T13:11:35Z BHP Billiton to further cut costs at metallurgical coal unit 2014-11-24T10:16:31Z 2014-11-24T10:16:31Z BHP Billiton is targeting a further 10 percent reduction to below US$90/mt in unit costs at Queensland Coal in the financial year 2014-15. 2014-11-24T10:16:31Z China's annual coal consumption not to exceed 4.2 billion mt by 2020 2014-11-19T10:32:49Z 2014-11-19T10:32:49Z According to Chinese state-owned media, the State Council of China has issued its Energy Development Strategy Action Plan for the 2014-2020 period. 2014-11-19T10:32:49Z Metinvest buys coking coal from Australia 2014-11-18T15:52:56Z 2014-11-18T15:52:56Z Last week Mariupol sea trading port for the first time unloaded a cargo of coking coal from Australia for Metinvest. 2014-11-18T15:52:56Z Russia's IMH (KOKS Group) supplies coke to Ukraine 2014-11-17T15:34:56Z 2014-11-17T15:34:56Z Industrial Metallurgical Holding (KOKS Group) has announced that it has supplied 90,000 mt of coke to Ukrainian consumers in September this year. 2014-11-17T15:34:56Z China's coal export duty may be adjusted downwards 2014-11-14T15:44:15Z 2014-11-14T15:44:15Z China's coal export duty will likely be adjusted from 10 percent to three percent, according to Chinese media sources. 2014-11-14T15:44:15Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 46 2014-11-14T11:44:45Z 2014-11-14T11:44:45Z 2014-11-14T11:44:45Z Ukraine's coking coal imports down 13 percent in January-October 2014-11-13T14:33:30Z 2014-11-13T14:33:30Z In the January-October period of this year, Ukraine's coking coal and coal concentrate imports totaled 8.2 million mt, down 13 percent year on year. 2014-11-13T14:33:30Z South African coal supplier discontinues shipments to Ukraine 2014-11-12T15:02:29Z 2014-11-12T15:02:29Z British company SteelMont Trading has refused to continue its supplies of coal from South Africa to Ukraine. 2014-11-12T15:02:29Z Coal exports from PWCS down 9.4 percent in October from September 2014-11-07T14:49:40Z 2014-11-07T14:49:40Z Coal exports from the PWCS terminals totaled nine million mt in October this year, decreasing by 9.4 percent compared to September. 2014-11-07T14:49:40Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 45 2014-11-07T09:26:37Z 2014-11-07T09:26:37Z 2014-11-07T09:26:37Z Russian coal production almost stable in January-October 2014-11-05T15:16:49Z 2014-11-05T15:16:49Z In the January-October period of the current year, coal production in Russia decreased by 0.03 percent year on year to 287.3 million mt. 2014-11-05T15:16:49Z NWR raises coking coal prices for Q4 2014-11-04T15:51:20Z 2014-11-04T15:51:20Z NWR has set the average agreed price of coking coal for delivery in the fourth quarter of this year at €85/mt, up four percent q-o-q. 2014-11-04T15:51:20Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 44 2014-10-31T13:52:25Z 2014-10-31T13:52:25Z 2014-10-31T13:52:25Z US Steel Canada idles Hamilton coke battery 2014-10-28T22:58:07Z 2014-10-28T22:58:07Z 2014-10-28T22:58:07Z Russian coal exports by rail up 8.6 percent in January-September 2014-10-27T15:26:46Z 2014-10-27T15:26:46Z Russia exported 113.26 million mt of coal by railway, up 8.6 percent compared to the same period of last year, as reported by Russian Railways (RZD). 2014-10-27T15:26:46Z Severstal subsidiary Vorkutaugol commissions two new coal faces 2014-10-27T15:20:48Z 2014-10-27T15:20:48Z Vorkutaugol has commissioned two new faces at the Troynoy and Chetvertiy seams at the Komsomolskaya mine. 2014-10-27T15:20:48Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 43 2014-10-24T11:02:31Z 2014-10-24T11:02:31Z 2014-10-24T11:02:31Z Kuzbassrazrezugol increases coal shipments in Jan-Sept 2014-10-22T12:02:29Z 2014-10-22T12:02:29Z In the first nine months this year, Russian coal mining company Kuzbassrazrezugol produced 32.58 million mt of coal, up 1.7 percent year on year 2014-10-22T12:02:29Z