SteelOrbis - Steel News: freight Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-10-25T19:59:17Z SteelOrbis 2014-10-25T19:59:17Z en Freight transportation in the US rises in August 2014-10-09T22:59:22Z 2014-10-09T22:59:22Z 2014-10-09T22:59:22Z AHMSA unveils new $6.1 million access terminal 2014-10-07T22:48:28Z 2014-10-07T22:48:28Z 2014-10-07T22:48:28Z US rail traffic increases in September 2014-10-06T20:27:13Z 2014-10-06T20:27:13Z 2014-10-06T20:27:13Z US trade deficit improves slightly in August 2014-10-06T20:24:21Z 2014-10-06T20:24:21Z 2014-10-06T20:24:21Z Azovstal continues to produce steel despite war 2014-09-23T14:39:34Z 2014-09-23T14:39:34Z Azovstal’s survival tactics amid the current conflict in the country range from bypassing dangerous routes for supplies to inspecting shelters. 2014-09-23T14:39:34Z Vale could soon unload iron ore at Chinese ports 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z 2014-09-17T22:49:12Z ChTPZ to ship one million mt of LD pipes in 2014 2014-09-17T14:28:39Z 2014-09-17T14:28:39Z ChTPZ Group has stated that it is planning to ship one million mt of large diameter (LD) pipes to customers in the current year. 2014-09-17T14:28:39Z Vale inks cooperation agreement with COSCO 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z Brazilian miner Vale has announced that it has signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation in iron ore shipping with China-based COSCO. 2014-09-12T13:10:29Z Iron ore shipments on Great Lakes reach highest level in six years 2014-09-09T22:57:29Z 2014-09-09T22:57:29Z 2014-09-09T22:57:29Z BMZ to increase rebar shipments in September 2014-09-09T14:14:51Z 2014-09-09T14:14:51Z Belarus-based Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ) has stated that in September this year its plans to ship around 86,000 mt of rebar. 2014-09-09T14:14:51Z NLMK’s steel product shipments by railway slightly lower in Jan-Aug 2014-09-09T14:12:00Z 2014-09-09T14:12:00Z NLMK has announced that in the January-August period this year its overall shipments of steel products by railway amounted to 7.65 million mt. 2014-09-09T14:12:00Z Ferrous metal shipments by Russian Railways up 0.8% in Jan-Aug 2014-09-02T12:46:16Z 2014-09-02T12:46:16Z Russian Railways' ferrous metal shipments increased by 0.8 percent year on year to 47.4 million mt in the first eight months of the current year. 2014-09-02T12:46:16Z June US-NAFTA trade increases 10.2 percent in value 2014-08-31T22:07:15Z 2014-08-31T22:07:15Z 2014-08-31T22:07:15Z Port of Houston sees record steel shipments in July 2014-08-27T21:59:28Z 2014-08-27T21:59:28Z 2014-08-27T21:59:28Z Severstal ships pipes for Power of Siberia 2014-08-22T14:39:08Z 2014-08-22T14:39:08Z Severstal has announced that it has started the shipment of large diameter pipes for the construction of the transmission project Power of Siberia. 2014-08-22T14:39:08Z July iron ore shipments on Great Lakes hit highest level since 2008 2014-08-14T22:09:45Z 2014-08-14T22:09:45Z 2014-08-14T22:09:45Z Coal shipment from Russia’s Vostochny port increases 2014-08-06T12:26:25Z 2014-08-06T12:26:25Z The deep-water Vostochny port, the largest on the Pacific coast of Russia, has announced that it shipped 12.5 million mt of coal in Jan-July 2014. 2014-08-06T12:26:25Z Severstal to supply pipes for Southern Corridor 2014-08-05T13:03:41Z 2014-08-05T13:03:41Z Severstal announced that it will supply about 64,000 mt of pipes, made by Izhora pipe plant, for the Southern Corridor project. 2014-08-05T13:03:41Z OMK's ATZ posts increased steel pipe shipments for H1 2014-08-05T13:00:02Z 2014-08-05T13:00:02Z In the January-June period of the current year, Tatarstan-based Almetyevsk Pipe Plant (ATZ) delivered over 128,000 mt of steel pipes. 2014-08-05T13:00:02Z SMA applauds passage of US Highway Trust Fund bill 2014-08-03T22:51:06Z 2014-08-03T22:51:06Z 2014-08-03T22:51:06Z ChTPZ sees nine percent rise in pipe shipments in H1 2014-07-31T14:19:37Z 2014-07-31T14:19:37Z Russia-based steel pipe producer ChTPZ Group has announced its operational results for the first half of the current year. 2014-07-31T14:19:37Z Severstal Cherepovets makes record steel shipments to pipe producers 2014-07-31T14:17:54Z 2014-07-31T14:17:54Z Severstal's Cherepovets Steel Mill shipped about 430,000 mt of rolled steel products to producers of small and medium diameter pipes. 2014-07-31T14:17:54Z US-NAFTA trade rises by 5.4 percent in May 2014-07-27T22:11:17Z 2014-07-27T22:11:17Z 2014-07-27T22:11:17Z Mechel sees record coal supplies to Asia-Pacific region in H1 2014-07-23T12:59:02Z 2014-07-23T12:59:02Z Mechel has reported record results in supplying coal to the Asia-Pacific region in the first half of this year. 2014-07-23T12:59:02Z China’s coal shipments by railway up 0.7 percent in H1 2014-07-23T09:09:43Z 2014-07-23T09:09:43Z In the first six months of the current year, coal shipments by Chinese railways totaled 1.15 billion mt, up 0.7 percent year on year. 2014-07-23T09:09:43Z Kuzbassrazrezugol increases coal shipments in H1 2014-07-22T14:50:10Z 2014-07-22T14:50:10Z Kuzbassrazrezugol has announced that in the first half this year it produced 21.4 million mt of coal, down 1.9 percent year on year. 2014-07-22T14:50:10Z TMK sees decline in pipe shipments in H1 2014-07-22T14:47:23Z 2014-07-22T14:47:23Z TMK, one of the world's leading oil and gas steel pipe producers, has announced its operational results for the first half of the current year. 2014-07-22T14:47:23Z Severstal’s Sheksna mill increases shipment volumes in H1 2014-07-18T14:07:14Z 2014-07-18T14:07:14Z Severstal TPZ Sheksna has increased shipments of products by 33 percent year on year in the first half of this year to 154,000 mt. 2014-07-18T14:07:14Z Chinese bank extends $5 billion credit line to Vale 2014-07-17T22:57:41Z 2014-07-17T22:57:41Z 2014-07-17T22:57:41Z OEMK’s rolled steel shipments by railway up 3% in H1 2014-07-15T13:30:56Z 2014-07-15T13:30:56Z Oskol Metallurgical Plant (OEMK) has announced that in the January-June period it shipped 1.5 million mt of rolled steel products by railway. 2014-07-15T13:30:56Z