SteelOrbis - Steel News: Indian Subcon Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-07-29T07:48:53Z SteelOrbis 2014-07-29T07:48:53Z en ASSOCHAM: Indian gov’t must review proposed iron ore royalty rate hike 2014-07-23T13:17:51Z 2014-07-23T13:17:51Z ASSOCHAM has suggested the Indian Finance Ministry should review its budget proposal to increase the royalty rate on iron ore from 10% to 15%. 2014-07-23T13:17:51Z S&P raises Tata Steel’s outlook to stable 2014-07-21T14:19:25Z 2014-07-21T14:19:25Z Standard & Poor's has revised the outlook on India-based steelmaker Tata Steel to stable from negative. 2014-07-21T14:19:25Z Tata Steel to reduce emmissions in Jamshedpur plant 2014-07-14T14:13:57Z 2014-07-14T14:13:57Z Siemens announced that it has received an order from Indian Tata Steel to modernize the secondary emission system in its LD2 shop in Jamshedpur. 2014-07-14T14:13:57Z JSW Steel’s crude steel output rises in Q1 FY 2014-15 2014-07-10T09:07:45Z 2014-07-10T09:07:45Z JSW Steel produced 3.1 million mt of crude steel in the first quarter ended June 30 of the financial year 2014-15 2014-07-10T09:07:45Z NMDC’s iron ore output increases in April-June 2014-07-07T14:33:23Z 2014-07-07T14:33:23Z In April-June NMDC produced 7.85 million mt of iron ore, registering an increase of 13.4 percent compared to the same period of 2013. 2014-07-07T14:33:23Z Moody’s affirms Tata Steel’s credit rating 2014-06-20T13:41:08Z 2014-06-20T13:41:08Z Moody's has affirmed the rating of Indian steelmaker Tata Steel at Ba3 and that of its European subsidiary at B3. 2014-06-20T13:41:08Z Essar Steel to supply steel pipes for water management project 2014-06-16T14:06:03Z 2014-06-16T14:06:03Z Essar Steel has received an order for the supply of steel pipes for one of the projects of the Gujarat government. 2014-06-16T14:06:03Z Indian industry body calls for 30% export duty on iron ore pellets 2014-06-13T13:41:41Z 2014-06-13T13:41:41Z 2014-06-13T13:41:41Z JSW Steel comments on acquisition rumors 2014-06-11T14:30:06Z 2014-06-11T14:30:06Z JSW Steel has commented on media reports which have suggested that it will acquire Indian-based Welspun Maxsteel, for INR 11 billion ($185 million). 2014-06-11T14:30:06Z Indian motor vehicle output up 14.18 percent in May 2014-06-11T12:54:26Z 2014-06-11T12:54:26Z In May this year, Indian motor vehicle production increased by 14.18 percent year on year to 1,990,010 units. 2014-06-11T12:54:26Z SAIL commissions new BOF and plate mill at Rourkela steel plant 2014-06-09T12:55:52Z 2014-06-09T12:55:52Z SAIL has announced that the new basic oxygen furnace (BOF) converter and the new plate mill at its Rourkela steel plant have commenced operations. 2014-06-09T12:55:52Z JSW Steel registers six percent growth in May crude steel output 2014-06-09T11:29:25Z 2014-06-09T11:29:25Z JSW Steel, one of the largest Indian steelmakers, produced 1.06 million mt of crude steel in May this year. 2014-06-09T11:29:25Z NMDC sees slight growth in iron ore output for April-May 2014-06-06T07:50:20Z 2014-06-06T07:50:20Z In May this year NMDC produced 4.94 million mt of iron ore, registering an increase of 0.8 percent compared to the same month of 2013 2014-06-06T07:50:20Z India mulls suspending iron ore exports by NMDC 2014-06-03T09:12:13Z 2014-06-03T09:12:13Z The Indian government is considering halting NMDC's exports in response to demand from local steel mills facing a shortage of raw materials. 2014-06-03T09:12:13Z Odisha government allows eight iron ore mines to resume operations 2014-06-02T12:30:23Z 2014-06-02T12:30:23Z The government of the Indian state of Odisha has allowed operations to resume in eight iron ore mines in the state. 2014-06-02T12:30:23Z SAIL expects higher steel demand amid infrastructure growth 2014-06-02T12:27:39Z 2014-06-02T12:27:39Z SAIL sold 1.06 million mt of finished steel products in May this year, registering year-on-year growth of 11 percent. 2014-06-02T12:27:39Z NMDC posts slight increase in net profit for FY 2013-14 2014-05-30T12:38:17Z 2014-05-30T12:38:17Z In FY 2013-14, NMDC posted a net profit of INR 64.2 billion ($1.08 billion), increasing by 1.23 percent compared to the previous financial year. 2014-05-30T12:38:17Z SAIL’s net profit increases 20.4 percent in FY 2013-14 2014-05-29T11:04:03Z 2014-05-29T11:04:03Z In FY 2013-14, SAIL's net profit increased by 20.36 percent year on year to INR 26.16 billion ($444.4 million). 2014-05-29T11:04:03Z JSW Steel’s net profit up 40.8 percent in March quarter 2014-05-28T10:51:01Z 2014-05-28T10:51:01Z In March quarter, JSW Steel posted a net profit of INR 4.62 billion ($78.4 million), up 40.8 percent year on year. 2014-05-28T10:51:01Z Odisha to expedite iron ore mining license renewals 2014-05-27T12:46:54Z 2014-05-27T12:46:54Z The Indian state of Odisha is expected to renew the iron ore mining licenses of 10 out of 26 local mines within two months. 2014-05-27T12:46:54Z Indian commerce and industry chambers warn of iron ore shortage 2014-05-23T12:53:38Z 2014-05-23T12:53:38Z ASSOCHAM: Temporary mine closures in Odisha may result in a significant fall in capacity utilization due to severe shortage of raw materials. 2014-05-23T12:53:38Z Essar Projects to deliver iron ore beneficiation plant for Glencore Xstrata 2014-05-21T09:05:39Z 2014-05-21T09:05:39Z Essar Projects will deliver a 7.5 million mt per year iron ore beneficiation plant for Glencore Xstrata. 2014-05-21T09:05:39Z India’s Supreme Court orders closing of 26 iron ore mines in Odisha 2014-05-20T13:36:49Z 2014-05-20T13:36:49Z India’s Supreme Court has announced a partial mining ban affecting about half of the iron ore mines located in the Indian state of Odisha. 2014-05-20T13:36:49Z JSW Steel sees increase in April crude steel output 2014-05-20T11:28:56Z 2014-05-20T11:28:56Z JSW Steel produced 990,000 mt of crude steel in April this year, rising 14 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. 2014-05-20T11:28:56Z Jindal Steel and Power orders new rebar mill 2014-05-20T11:21:20Z 2014-05-20T11:21:20Z Jindal Steel and Power has placed an order with SMS Meer for the supply of a rebar mill. 2014-05-20T11:21:20Z Tata Steel swings to net profit on back of higher deliveries 2014-05-15T11:04:51Z 2014-05-15T11:04:51Z Tata Steel Group’s net profit doubled to INR 10.36 billion ($174.5 million) in Q4, compared to the same quarter of the previous financial year. 2014-05-15T11:04:51Z JSW Steel to increase slab casting capacity at Dolvi plant 2014-05-14T11:47:04Z 2014-05-14T11:47:04Z SMS Siemag will revamp one of the two compact strip production casters of the Indian steelmaker JSW Steel. 2014-05-14T11:47:04Z Essar Steel merges steel processing center with its retail chain 2014-05-07T09:28:03Z 2014-05-07T09:28:03Z Essar Steel has announced that it is merging its steel processing center and distribution unit with Essar Hypermart, its retail chain for steel. 2014-05-07T09:28:03Z NMDC’s iron ore output remains stable in April 2014-05-05T12:10:38Z 2014-05-05T12:10:38Z In April NMDC produced 2.44 million mt of iron ore, remaining unchanged compared to the same month of the previous year. 2014-05-05T12:10:38Z Essar Steel enters European market with plate shipments to Turkey 2014-05-05T09:05:52Z 2014-05-05T09:05:52Z Essar Steel has entered the European plate market with an order for 1,200 mt of quenched and tempered steel plates. 2014-05-05T09:05:52Z