SteelOrbis: Europe Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-09-21T12:41:38Z SteelOrbis 2014-09-21T12:41:38Z en Turkish wire rod exporters expect demand from US to improve 2014-09-19T14:59:29Z 2014-09-19T14:59:29Z According to market sources, mesh quality wire rod offers from Turkey to the export markets have... 2014-09-19T14:59:29Z Stock levels on high side in local Turkish stainless steel market 2014-09-19T14:49:37Z 2014-09-19T14:49:37Z According to market sources, demand for stainless steel in the local Turkish market has been... 2014-09-19T14:49:37Z Voestalpine opens new head office in Turkey 2014-09-19T14:15:36Z 2014-09-19T14:15:36Z Austrian steelmaker voestalpine has announced that at the end of September it is opening a new head office for its special steel division in Turkey. 2014-09-19T14:15:36Z Will Turkish mills’ rebar export prices continue to soften? 2014-09-19T12:46:15Z 2014-09-19T12:46:15Z Turkish mills’ rebar export offers have indicated a decline of... 2014-09-19T12:46:15Z Softer import scrap prices impact Turkish ship scrap market 2014-09-19T12:32:33Z 2014-09-19T12:32:33Z SteelOrbis has learned from market sources that decreases seen in import scrap prices... 2014-09-19T12:32:33Z Global stainless steel output up 10.6 percent in H1 2014-09-19T11:38:21Z 2014-09-19T11:38:21Z In the first half of this year, world stainless crude steel output increased by 10.6 percent year on year, amounting to 20.94 million mt. 2014-09-19T11:38:21Z Turkey's pig iron imports increase further in July 2014-09-19T08:25:10Z 2014-09-19T08:25:10Z In July this year, Turkey's pig iron imports amounted to 73,673 mt, increasing by 11.38 percent month on month and up 45.26 percent year on year. 2014-09-19T08:25:10Z Turkish buyers continue to evaluate import wire rod offers 2014-09-18T13:55:51Z 2014-09-18T13:55:51Z SteelOrbis has been informed by market sources that price levels in the Turkish domestic market for 6-7 mm mesh quality wire rod... 2014-09-18T13:55:51Z New motor vehicle registrations in Turkey down 18.2% in July 2014-09-18T12:41:55Z 2014-09-18T12:41:55Z In July this year new motor vehicle registrations in Turkey decreased by 18.2 percent year on year to 109,487 units. 2014-09-18T12:41:55Z Buyers in local Turkish billet market seek discounts 2014-09-18T12:14:23Z 2014-09-18T12:14:23Z Market sources confirm that billet prices in the local Turkish market are currently... 2014-09-18T12:14:23Z Turkey's HRC exports down 34.1 percent in July from June 2014-09-18T09:20:39Z 2014-09-18T09:20:39Z In July this year, Turkey's total hot rolled coil (HRC) exports decreased by 34.1 percent compared to the previous month to 90,316 metric tons. 2014-09-18T09:20:39Z Ex-US scrap deal concluded by Turkish mill 2014-09-17T14:23:45Z 2014-09-17T14:23:45Z Market sources confirm that a Turkish steelmaker has concluded an ex-US scrap deal for... 2014-09-17T14:23:45Z Weaker import scrap prices put pressure on pig iron offers in Turkish market 2014-09-17T12:39:18Z 2014-09-17T12:39:18Z According to market sources, Ukrainian pig iron producers which had stopped accepting new export orders due to the... 2014-09-17T12:39:18Z Black Sea scrap offers for Turkey indicate a softening 2014-09-17T10:44:38Z 2014-09-17T10:44:38Z Market sources indicate that Russian A3 scrap offers to Turkey have... 2014-09-17T10:44:38Z Two ex-Baltic scrap bookings in Turkey 2014-09-17T09:17:23Z 2014-09-17T09:17:23Z According to market sources, a Turkish steel producer has concluded an ex-Baltic scrap booking at the average price level... 2014-09-17T09:17:23Z Turkey's crude steel output increases in August 2014-09-17T09:13:35Z 2014-09-17T09:13:35Z In August this year, Turkey's crude steel output increased by 13.9% year on year and was up by 2.8% compared to July to 2.9 million metric tons. 2014-09-17T09:13:35Z Turkey's scrap imports from US down 26% in January-July 2014-09-17T09:11:43Z 2014-09-17T09:11:43Z In the first seven months, Turkey imported 2.35 million mt of steel scrap from the US, down 25.9 percent year on year. 2014-09-17T09:11:43Z Another ex-US scrap booking in Turkey 2014-09-17T08:25:01Z 2014-09-17T08:25:01Z Market sources report that a Turkish steel producer has concluded an ex-US scrap booking... 2014-09-17T08:25:01Z Turkish domestic scrap purchase quotations - week 38 2014-09-17T08:11:32Z 2014-09-17T08:11:32Z According to market sources, local scrap purchase prices of Turkish mills as of September 17, 2014 stand at the following levels: 2014-09-17T08:11:32Z Ex-US scrap deal in Turkey 2014-09-17T07:19:17Z 2014-09-17T07:19:17Z Market sources report that a Turkish steel producer has concluded an ex-US scrap deal. 2014-09-17T07:19:17Z Ex-China HRC offers to UAE 2014-09-16T14:35:41Z 2014-09-16T14:35:41Z According to market sources, hot rolled coil (HRC) offers from China to the UAE... 2014-09-16T14:35:41Z Weak end-user demand in local Turkish rebar market 2014-09-16T14:33:51Z 2014-09-16T14:33:51Z According to market sources, rebar prices in the local Turkish market have been... 2014-09-16T14:33:51Z Rebar deal from Turkey to UAE 2014-09-16T14:27:54Z 2014-09-16T14:27:54Z Market sources report that an ex-Turkey deal has been concluded in the UAE... 2014-09-16T14:27:54Z Ex-Baltic scrap deal in Turkey 2014-09-16T14:10:38Z 2014-09-16T14:10:38Z Market sources report that a Turkish steel producer has concluded an ex-Baltic deal at the average price level of... 2014-09-16T14:10:38Z Turkish auto imports down 23 percent in January-August 2014-09-16T14:09:58Z 2014-09-16T14:09:58Z In the January-August period of the current year, Turkey's total motor vehicle imports amounted to 288,730 units, decreasing by 23% year on year. 2014-09-16T14:09:58Z Turkish construction turnover index down 5.9 percent in Q2 from Q1 2014-09-16T14:05:30Z 2014-09-16T14:05:30Z The turnover index in the Turkish domestic construction sector in the second quarter of this year decreased by 5.9 percent from the previous quarter. 2014-09-16T14:05:30Z September 6– September 12, 2014 Weekly market report.. Banchero Costa 2014-09-16T08:35:57Z 2014-09-16T08:35:57Z Weekly detailed analysis of world shipping freight markets for all major routes for September 6– September 12, 2014 2014-09-16T08:35:57Z Turkish mill Icdas raises its wire rod prices 2014-09-15T15:03:01Z 2014-09-15T15:03:01Z SteelOrbis has learnt that Turkish producer Icdas' 7-8.5 mm mesh quality and drawing quality wire rod prices in Biga, Canakkale in northwestern... 2014-09-15T15:03:01Z Scrap moves downward on Orbis Steel Index 2014-09-15T14:25:39Z 2014-09-15T14:25:39Z Turkish Scrap Index continued to decrease, with the index value falling 0.84 percent to 150.35 compared to the previous week. 2014-09-15T14:25:39Z Turkey's slab imports down 53.5 percent in July 2014-09-15T14:11:13Z 2014-09-15T14:11:13Z In July this year, Turkey's slab imports amounted to 132,152 mt, down 53.48 percent year on year. 2014-09-15T14:11:13Z