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2014-12-22T17:56:00Z 2014-12-22T17:56:00Z 2014-12-22T17:56:00Z US CRC market quiets into Christmas holiday 2014-12-21T18:15:35Z 2014-12-21T18:15:35Z 2014-12-21T18:15:35Z World pig iron output down 5.2 percent in November from October 2014-12-19T15:56:08Z 2014-12-19T15:56:08Z In November this year global pig iron production amounted to 91.42 million metric tons, decreasing by 5.2 percent compared to October. 2014-12-19T15:56:08Z Latest situation in local Chinese coke market 2014-12-19T14:59:31Z 2014-12-19T14:59:31Z During the week ending December 19, metallurgical coke prices in the Chinese domestic market have remained on a stable trend. 2014-12-19T14:59:31Z Chinese flat steel export offers to Southeast Asia 2014-12-19T14:58:41Z 2014-12-19T14:58:41Z 2014-12-19T14:58:41Z Chinese flat steel export offers 2014-12-19T14:57:42Z 2014-12-19T14:57:42Z 2014-12-19T14:57:42Z Transaction activity slackens further in local Chinese PPGI market 2014-12-19T14:56:33Z 2014-12-19T14:56:33Z During the week ending December 19, pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI) quotations in China's local market have continued to indicate a stable trend. 2014-12-19T14:56:33Z Chinese billet and long steel export offers to Southeast Asia 2014-12-19T14:48:19Z 2014-12-19T14:48:19Z 2014-12-19T14:48:19Z Chinese rebar and wire rod export offers 2014-12-19T14:47:42Z 2014-12-19T14:47:42Z 2014-12-19T14:47:42Z Japan's new ship export orders down sharply in November from October 2014-12-19T14:34:27Z 2014-12-19T14:34:27Z Japanese new ship export orders in November decreased by 72.2 percent on tonnage basis compared to October but declined by 72.7 percent year on year 2014-12-19T14:34:27Z Coke prices in local Chinese market – week 51 2014-12-19T14:27:58Z 2014-12-19T14:27:58Z 2014-12-19T14:27:58Z Daily iron ore prices - December 19, 2014 2014-12-19T13:58:35Z 2014-12-19T13:58:35Z 2014-12-19T13:58:35Z World crude steel output rises slightly in November 2014-12-19T13:30:57Z 2014-12-19T13:30:57Z Global crude steel production in November this year slightly increased by 0.1 percent year on year, amounting to 130.5 million metric tons. 2014-12-19T13:30:57Z Local German scrap price levels in December 2014-12-19T13:00:37Z 2014-12-19T13:00:37Z According to the latest figures provided by the German steel scrap recycler association (BDSV), in the first 20 days of December... 2014-12-19T13:00:37Z Italy's crude steel output down 13.9 percent in November 2014-12-19T12:23:06Z 2014-12-19T12:23:06Z In November this year, Italian crude steel output decreased by 13.9 percent year on year to 1.875 million metric tons. 2014-12-19T12:23:06Z Shougang Steel to see net asset value rise by around RMB 3.4 billion 2014-12-19T12:07:21Z 2014-12-19T12:07:21Z Chinese steelmaker Shougang Steel expects its net asset value to rise by RMB 3.4 billion due to the listing of its holding company BAIC Motor Corp. 2014-12-19T12:07:21Z Russian scrap suppliers fail to reflect weakening ruble in their prices 2014-12-19T10:25:00Z 2014-12-19T10:25:00Z According to market sources, Russian A3 grade scrap offers to Turkey have... 2014-12-19T10:25:00Z China revises GDP figure for 2013 upward by 3.4 percent 2014-12-19T09:28:23Z 2014-12-19T09:28:23Z China’s final gross domestic product (GDP) figure for 2013 has been revised to RMB 58.8019 trillion, up 3.4 percent compared to the preliminary value. 2014-12-19T09:28:23Z Bekaert completes acquisition of three Pirelli steel cord plants 2014-12-19T08:41:15Z 2014-12-19T08:41:15Z Bekaert has successfully closed the acquisition of the Pirelli steel cord plants in Italy, Romania, and Brazil. 2014-12-19T08:41:15Z WSD Strategic Insights XLVI: Rapid currency devaluation means lower HRB cost 2014-12-18T23:49:27Z 2014-12-18T23:49:27Z 2014-12-18T23:49:27Z Devaluation of BRL affects pig iron market in Brazil 2014-12-18T23:41:59Z 2014-12-18T23:41:59Z 2014-12-18T23:41:59Z US import wire rod prices hit bottom but interest doesn’t increase 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z 2014-12-18T23:38:54Z Chile to establish standards for steel use 2014-12-18T21:07:12Z 2014-12-18T21:07:12Z 2014-12-18T21:07:12Z Import wire rod offers to the US 2014-12-18T19:41:04Z 2014-12-18T19:41:04Z 2014-12-18T19:41:04Z Argentina’s crude steel production decreases in November 2014-12-18T19:34:57Z 2014-12-18T19:34:57Z 2014-12-18T19:34:57Z