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Africa's iron ore output down 1.2 percent in June 2014-08-19T14:39:24Z 2014-08-19T14:39:24Z In June this year South African iron ore production fell 1.2 percent year on year. 2014-08-19T14:39:24Z France's metal industry output up 3.3 percent in June over May 2014-08-19T14:36:27Z 2014-08-19T14:36:27Z In June, France's production in manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products increased by 3.3 percent month on month. 2014-08-19T14:36:27Z Activity improves slightly in local Chinese manganese ore market 2014-08-19T14:30:09Z 2014-08-19T14:30:09Z The Chinese domestic manganese ore market has remained stable during the past week. 2014-08-19T14:30:09Z TISCO issues its stainless steel prices for October 2014-08-19T14:26:46Z 2014-08-19T14:26:46Z Chinese steelmaker Taiyuan Iron and Steel (TISCO) has announced its export stainless steel list prices for October shipments. 2014-08-19T14:26:46Z Indian iron ore fines export offers range-bound as buyers remain on sidelines 2014-08-19T14:19:21Z 2014-08-19T14:19:21Z Indian export offers for high grade iron ore fines (with Fe content of 63.5 percent and above) have remained range-bound during the past week... 2014-08-19T14:19:21Z Positive sentiment in local Turkish HRC market 2014-08-19T14:02:24Z 2014-08-19T14:02:24Z While demand in the Turkish domestic hot rolled coil (HRC) spot market has indicated a very slight improvement during the past week. 2014-08-19T14:02:24Z Borusan Mannesmann’s net profit rises in H1 2014-08-19T14:01:16Z 2014-08-19T14:01:16Z During the first six months of the current year, Borusan Mannesmann’s net profit increased by 50.4 percent to TRY 10.6 million ($4.9 million). 2014-08-19T14:01:16Z Saudi Arabian welded pipe market awaits revival of activity 2014-08-19T13:19:46Z 2014-08-19T13:19:46Z Activity in the welded pipe market in Saudi Arabia has not yet revived after the long slowdown for Ramadan. 2014-08-19T13:19:46Z Domestic welded pipe prices in Germany 2014-08-19T13:18:17Z 2014-08-19T13:18:17Z SteelOrbis has learned that in the German domestic market offers of welded pipe with 50-170 mm diameter made of steel grade... 2014-08-19T13:18:17Z Ex-Ukraine seamless pipe offers to Qatar 2014-08-19T13:17:08Z 2014-08-19T13:17:08Z SteelOrbis has been informed that ex-Ukraine pipe offers to Qatar for 2"-6" Sch 40 B grade seamless pipes... 2014-08-19T13:17:08Z Metinvest’s plants shut down production after artillery shelling 2014-08-19T12:48:59Z 2014-08-19T12:48:59Z Metinvest has stated that damage from heavy artillery has cut electricity transmission lines to the cities of Yenakiieve and Khartsyzsk. 2014-08-19T12:48:59Z Turkish billet exporters revise offers after gaining advantage 2014-08-19T12:48:46Z 2014-08-19T12:48:46Z According to market sources, an Iskenderun-based Turkish steelmaker sold 10,000 mt of billet to an Egyptian trader... 2014-08-19T12:48:46Z What are the expectations for the import scrap price trend for Turkey? 2014-08-19T12:45:42Z 2014-08-19T12:45:42Z Amid plentiful import offers from several scrap suppliers, Turkish steelmakers, who have needed to replenish their scrap stocks, have concluded... 2014-08-19T12:45:42Z Ukraine’s rolled steel export volume down two percent in H1 2014-08-19T12:35:43Z 2014-08-19T12:35:43Z In the first half of this year exports of rolled steel by Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises declined by two percent year on year to 11.55 million mt 2014-08-19T12:35:43Z Dneprospetsstal’s finished steel output up 7.1% in July from June 2014-08-19T12:33:10Z 2014-08-19T12:33:10Z In July this year, Ukrainian metallurgical company DSS saw a 1.09 percent month-on-month increase in its crude steel production to 46,100 mt. 2014-08-19T12:33:10Z Discounts emerge in some regions in local Indian HRC market 2014-08-19T12:32:15Z 2014-08-19T12:32:15Z Local Indian hot rolled coil (HRC) prices have remained unchanged during the past week at around... 2014-08-19T12:32:15Z Kazakhstan’s crude steel output up 17 percent in January-July 2014-08-19T12:31:07Z 2014-08-19T12:31:07Z In the January-July period of the current year, Kazakhstan produced 2.239 million mt of crude steel, up 17 percent year on year. 2014-08-19T12:31:07Z Latest situation in local Chinese steel scrap market 2014-08-19T12:20:27Z 2014-08-19T12:20:27Z During the week ending August 19, prices in the main local steel scrap markets in China have indicated a slight downtrend. 2014-08-19T12:20:27Z Daily iron ore prices - August 19, 2014 2014-08-19T12:02:27Z 2014-08-19T12:02:27Z 2014-08-19T12:02:27Z Billet prices in local Chinese market – week 34 2014-08-19T11:21:05Z 2014-08-19T11:21:05Z 2014-08-19T11:21:05Z Scrap prices in local Chinese market – week 34 2014-08-19T11:15:05Z 2014-08-19T11:15:05Z 2014-08-19T11:15:05Z H-beam prices in local Chinese market – Week 34 2014-08-19T11:08:25Z 2014-08-19T11:08:25Z 2014-08-19T11:08:25Z Turkey's steel exports down three percent in July 2014-08-19T10:59:03Z 2014-08-19T10:59:03Z In July this year, Turkey's steel exports decreased by three percent year on year to 1.41 million mt. 2014-08-19T10:59:03Z Turkey's crude steel output down 4.7 percent in July from June 2014-08-19T09:26:20Z 2014-08-19T09:26:20Z In July this year, Turkey's crude steel output increased by one percent year on year but was down by 4.7 percent compared to June to 2.82 million mt. 2014-08-19T09:26:20Z Iron ore inventory edges down slightly at Chinese ports 2014-08-19T09:04:59Z 2014-08-19T09:04:59Z As of August 18, inventory of iron ore at 33 major Chinese ports amounted to 108.8 million mt, down 0.43 percent week on week. 2014-08-19T09:04:59Z Slow demand and downbeat sentiment in local Chinese HRC market 2014-08-19T08:56:39Z 2014-08-19T08:56:39Z During the week ending August 19, hot rolled coil (HRC) prices in the Chinese domestic market have indicated small decreases. 2014-08-19T08:56:39Z