SteelOrbis: CIS, Mediterranean, Middle East, Non-EU Countries, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, imp/exp statistics, pig iron, raw mat, steelmaking Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-11-27T07:54:21Z SteelOrbis 2014-11-27T07:54:21Z en Price of Brazilian small lump iron ore maintains downward trend 2014-11-27T21:56:12Z 2014-11-27T21:56:12Z 2014-11-27T21:56:12Z Brazilian steel institute unveils pessimistic expectations for the year 2014-11-26T22:24:07Z 2014-11-26T22:24:07Z 2014-11-26T22:24:07Z Will upward movement continue in Turkish import scrap market? 2014-11-26T16:01:16Z 2014-11-26T16:01:16Z After the sharp declines seen in the Turkish import scrap market at the beginning of November, some price decreases have been seen... 2014-11-26T16:01:16Z No positive signs in local Iranian welded pipe market 2014-11-26T15:44:44Z 2014-11-26T15:44:44Z There are no positive signs in the Iranian welded pipe market amid a shortage of demand in the construction sector and a lack of liquidity. 2014-11-26T15:44:44Z Italian rebar producers focused on keeping their stocks tight 2014-11-26T15:42:43Z 2014-11-26T15:42:43Z As market sources have informed SteelOrbis, Italian rebar producers have managed to keep their prices unchanged in the range... 2014-11-26T15:42:43Z CSI Tubular Products commissions new ERW line 2014-11-26T15:42:09Z 2014-11-26T15:42:09Z US-based CSI Tubular Products has successfully commissioned an electrical resistance welding production line. 2014-11-26T15:42:09Z Slight demand revival in Turkish rebar market 2014-11-26T15:41:08Z 2014-11-26T15:41:08Z The local Turkish rebar market has seen a slight revival of demand today, November 26, as Turkish steel producer Kardemir... 2014-11-26T15:41:08Z Turkey no longer exempt from Thai safeguard measure on HR flat steel 2014-11-26T15:26:16Z 2014-11-26T15:26:16Z Turkey is no longer exempt from Thailand’s safeguard measure on hot rolled steel flat products with certain amounts of alloying elements. 2014-11-26T15:26:16Z Traders wait and see in sluggish Spanish seamless pipe market 2014-11-26T15:21:54Z 2014-11-26T15:21:54Z The Spanish seamless pipe market is characterized by poor consumption and consequent sluggish demand. 2014-11-26T15:21:54Z Poor activity and low stocks in local Chinese stainless steel market 2014-11-26T15:16:29Z 2014-11-26T15:16:29Z China's domestic stainless steel market has mostly moved on a stable trend in the past week, though prices of 304 series products have risen. 2014-11-26T15:16:29Z Latest situation in Turkish wire rod market 2014-11-26T14:57:27Z 2014-11-26T14:57:27Z SteelOrbis has been informed by market sources that price levels in the Turkish domestic market... 2014-11-26T14:57:27Z Demand weakens in Turkish HDG market ahead of New Year 2014-11-26T14:55:05Z 2014-11-26T14:55:05Z According to market sources, demand for Turkish hot dip galvanized (HDG) coil both in the local and in the export markets... 2014-11-26T14:55:05Z Russia's long stainless steel imports up 23.2 percent in Jan-Sept 2014-11-26T14:53:20Z 2014-11-26T14:53:20Z Russian imports of long stainless steel products in the January-September period this year increased by 23.2 percent. 2014-11-26T14:53:20Z Belarus's crude steel output up 8.1 percent in January-October 2014-11-26T14:51:08Z 2014-11-26T14:51:08Z Belarus produced 2.092 million mt of crude steel, up 8.1 percent year on year. 2014-11-26T14:51:08Z Negative outlook for local Indian pig iron market amid producers’ price cuts 2014-11-26T14:49:19Z 2014-11-26T14:49:19Z Local Indian pig iron prices have dropped sharply during the past week... 2014-11-26T14:49:19Z Colder weather impacts demand in local Chinese CRC market 2014-11-26T14:42:06Z 2014-11-26T14:42:06Z During the week ending November 25, prices in the Chinese domestic cold rolled coil (CRC) market have indicated a slight downtrend. 2014-11-26T14:42:06Z ArcelorMittal and Marcegaglia present non-binding offer to buy Ilva 2014-11-26T14:35:16Z 2014-11-26T14:35:16Z Global steel giant ArcelorMittal and Italian steel company Marcegaglia have presented their joint non-binding offer for Italy-based Ilva. Group, 2014-11-26T14:35:16Z Slow trading activity in Bulgarian welded pipe market 2014-11-26T14:24:36Z 2014-11-26T14:24:36Z No essential changes have been observed in Bulgaria's welded pipe market in the past two weeks. 2014-11-26T14:24:36Z Pakistan's iron and steel imports up 30.6 percent in October 2014-11-26T14:01:50Z 2014-11-26T14:01:50Z Pakistan's iron and steel scrap imports amounted to 200,021 mt in October this year, decreasing 7.1 percent compared to September. 2014-11-26T14:01:50Z Turkey-based Kardemir closes its rebar sales 2014-11-26T13:37:48Z 2014-11-26T13:37:48Z Turkish steel producer Kardemir has closed its domestic rebar sales today, November 26... 2014-11-26T13:37:48Z Wire rod prices in Taiwanese domestic market - week 48 2014-11-26T12:57:01Z 2014-11-26T12:57:01Z Wire rod prices in the local Taiwanese steel market are at the following levels... 2014-11-26T12:57:01Z Ex-Baltic scrap deal in Turkey 2014-11-26T12:42:21Z 2014-11-26T12:42:21Z Market sources report that a Turkish steel producer has concluded an ex-Baltic deal at the average price level... 2014-11-26T12:42:21Z Local scrap quotations in Indian market - week 48 2014-11-26T12:32:32Z 2014-11-26T12:32:32Z Local market sources report that domestic scrap prices in western India (Alang) have... 2014-11-26T12:32:32Z Ex-Europe scrap booking in Turkey 2014-11-26T12:28:59Z 2014-11-26T12:28:59Z SteelOrbis has learned from market sources that a Turkish steelmaker has concluded an ex-Europe deal... 2014-11-26T12:28:59Z Stainless steel prices in local Chinese market – week 48 2014-11-26T12:27:22Z 2014-11-26T12:27:22Z 2014-11-26T12:27:22Z Silicon steel sheet prices in local Chinese market – week 48 2014-11-26T12:26:41Z 2014-11-26T12:26:41Z 2014-11-26T12:26:41Z Cold rolled sheets and coil prices in local Chinese market – week 48 2014-11-26T12:25:37Z 2014-11-26T12:25:37Z 2014-11-26T12:25:37Z Ferrosilicon prices in local Chinese market – week 48 2014-11-26T12:24:33Z 2014-11-26T12:24:33Z 2014-11-26T12:24:33Z Ferromanganese prices in local Chinese market – week 48 2014-11-26T12:23:52Z 2014-11-26T12:23:52Z 2014-11-26T12:23:52Z Daily iron ore prices - November 26, 2014 2014-11-26T12:23:09Z 2014-11-26T12:23:09Z 2014-11-26T12:23:09Z