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Reports, mining, production, raw mat Accurate steel prices, latest steel news, massive database of steel companies, comprehensive coverage of steel markets, and online steel trading. 2014-04-19T11:44:25Z SteelOrbis 2014-04-19T11:44:25Z en Will US East Coast export scrap prices continue to firm? 2014-04-21T15:02:03Z 2014-04-21T15:02:03Z Ex-US scrap bookings to Turkey have resumed in the past two weeks after a previous three-week silence. 2014-04-21T15:02:03Z Ex-Canada scrap booking in Turkey 2014-04-18T13:32:13Z 2014-04-18T13:32:13Z 2014-04-18T13:32:13Z Transaction activity still at good levels in local Chinese coke market 2014-04-18T12:47:45Z 2014-04-18T12:47:45Z During the week ending April 18, metallurgical coke prices in the Chinese domestic market have moved on an overall stable trend. 2014-04-18T12:47:45Z European stainless crude steel output down 3% in Jan 2014-04-18T12:47:21Z 2014-04-18T12:47:21Z In January this year, European stainless crude steel production decreased by three percent year on year to 670,000 metric tons. 2014-04-18T12:47:21Z Daily iron ore prices - April 18, 2014 2014-04-18T12:42:12Z 2014-04-18T12:42:12Z 2014-04-18T12:42:12Z Molybdenum and ferromolybdenum prices in China - week 16 2014-04-18T12:11:10Z 2014-04-18T12:11:10Z 2014-04-18T12:11:10Z Weekly chrome ore and ferrochrome prices - week 16 2014-04-18T11:57:34Z 2014-04-18T11:57:34Z 2014-04-18T11:57:34Z Local pig iron prices in China - week 16 2014-04-18T11:56:13Z 2014-04-18T11:56:13Z 2014-04-18T11:56:13Z Weekly coking coal prices - week 16 2014-04-18T11:50:18Z 2014-04-18T11:50:18Z 2014-04-18T11:50:18Z Turkey’s CVS Technologies to upgrade South African steelmaking mill 2014-04-18T11:33:39Z 2014-04-18T11:33:39Z Turkish plantmaker CVS Technologies will upgrade the existing meltshop and rolling mill of South African steelmaker Cape Town Iron and Steel Company. 2014-04-18T11:33:39Z Coke prices in local Chinese market – week 16 2014-04-18T10:12:31Z 2014-04-18T10:12:31Z 2014-04-18T10:12:31Z Price levels in Turkish ship scrap market 2014-04-18T09:19:58Z 2014-04-18T09:19:58Z SteelOrbis has learned from market sources that in Turkey's Aliaga region - the only region in Turkey where ship scrapping is allowed - ship scrap... 2014-04-18T09:19:58Z China's average daily crude steel output up 3.8 percent in early April 2014-04-18T08:45:37Z 2014-04-18T08:45:37Z In early April (Apr. 1-10) this year, the average aggregate daily crude steel output in China was approx. 2.152 million mt, up 3.8% from late March. 2014-04-18T08:45:37Z Ex-St. Petersburg scrap transaction in Turkey 2014-04-18T08:14:43Z 2014-04-18T08:14:43Z Market sources inform SteelOrbis that a Turkish steelmaker has concluded an ex-St. Petersburg deal... 2014-04-18T08:14:43Z SDI reports lower Q1 income than previous quarter, year 2014-04-17T22:02:15Z 2014-04-17T22:02:15Z Steel Dynamics, Inc. announced Wednesday first quarter net income of $39 million, or $0.17 per diluted share, on net sales of $1.8 billion. 2014-04-17T22:02:15Z Iron ore shipments on US Great Lakes fall 43 percent in March 2014-04-17T22:00:52Z 2014-04-17T22:00:52Z Massive, thick ice formations on the Great Lakes limited iron ore shipments in March to 1.1 million tons. 2014-04-17T22:00:52Z Buying activity slackens in Chinese iron ore market 2014-04-17T14:52:22Z 2014-04-17T14:52:22Z During the week ending April 17, prices of imported iron ore in China have moved on a slight downtrend. 2014-04-17T14:52:22Z Indian pig iron prices show divergent trends across local markets 2014-04-17T14:47:56Z 2014-04-17T14:47:56Z Indian pig iron prices have showed divergent trends across various local markets in the country. 2014-04-17T14:47:56Z ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih’s crude steel output down 12.7% in Q1 2014-04-17T14:43:09Z 2014-04-17T14:43:09Z In Q1 of the current year, the crude steel production of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih totaled 1.4073 million mt, down 12.7 percent year on year. 2014-04-17T14:43:09Z What are the short-term prospects for pig iron prices? 2014-04-17T14:12:27Z 2014-04-17T14:12:27Z Demand in the main pig iron markets such as Turkey, Italy and the US is now stronger compared to previous weeks... 2014-04-17T14:12:27Z NSSMC to manufacture world’s longest rail 2014-04-17T14:00:30Z 2014-04-17T14:00:30Z NSSMC has announced that it has set up a system to manufacture 150 meter long rails, the world longest rails for railroads, at its Yawata Works. 2014-04-17T14:00:30Z Ukrainian ferroalloy output increases by 43 percent in Q1 2014-04-17T13:54:27Z 2014-04-17T13:54:27Z In Q1 this year, Ukraine's ferroalloy production rose by 43 percent year on year to 260,000 mt. 2014-04-17T13:54:27Z Ex-CIS billet offers weaken Turkish suppliers’ advantage 2014-04-17T13:51:15Z 2014-04-17T13:51:15Z According to market sources, even though availability shortages still prevail in the Turkish domestic billet market... 2014-04-17T13:51:15Z Russia issues first quarter production results 2014-04-17T13:00:13Z 2014-04-17T13:00:13Z In Q1 this year, Russia registered a 1.1 percent decline year on year in its rolled steel product output to 14.6 million mt. 2014-04-17T13:00:13Z Moldavian Steel Works produces 31,903 mt of crude steel in March 2014-04-17T12:56:09Z 2014-04-17T12:56:09Z In March this year, Moldavian Metallurgical Works (MMZ), a steelmaker based in the Transnistrian region of Moldova, produced 31,903 mt of crude steel. 2014-04-17T12:56:09Z Daily iron ore prices - April 17, 2014 2014-04-17T12:25:55Z 2014-04-17T12:25:55Z 2014-04-17T12:25:55Z Turkish mills remain cautious about concluding new short sea scrap deals 2014-04-17T12:20:54Z 2014-04-17T12:20:54Z Market sources inform SteelOrbis that this week’s offers for A3 scrap from Russia to Turkey... 2014-04-17T12:20:54Z Imported iron ore prices in local Chinese market – week 16 2014-04-17T12:20:22Z 2014-04-17T12:20:22Z 2014-04-17T12:20:22Z Domestic iron ore prices in local Chinese market – week 16 2014-04-17T12:10:42Z 2014-04-17T12:10:42Z 2014-04-17T12:10:42Z Chu Kong Petroleum & Natural Gas Steel Pipe wins welded pipe tenders 2014-04-17T11:23:58Z 2014-04-17T11:23:58Z China-based Chu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe has recently won tenders to supply a total of 55,000 mt of welded pipes. 2014-04-17T11:23:58Z