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WISCO supplies 20,000 mt of plate for crude oil storage tanks

Monday, 31 December 2012 15:44:18 (GMT+2)   -   Shanghai

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On December 31, Hubei Province-based major Chinese steel producer Wuhan Iron and Steel Group (WISCO) announced that it has completed supplies of 20,000 mt of steel plates for crude oil storage tanks in the Dagang district of Tianjin, built within the scope of China’s second-phase national strategic crude oil storage project.
As early as 2004, WISCO had started to supply steel plate for the first-phase national strategic crude oil storage project. For the second-phase national crude oil storage project, WISCO received a contract to supply 20,000 mt of steel plate for 12 crude oil storage tanks each with a storage capacity of 100,000 cubic meters. The supplies in question constitute 37 percent of the total steel demand for the tanks.
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