US duties of AD & CVD on GO silicon steel remain valid

Thursday, 13 March 2003 14:25:00 (GMT+2)   -  

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As a result of the voting held by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) under the framework of the sunset review remand concerning grain oriented electrical steel from Italy and Japan, it has been determined that revoking the existing countervailing duty order on imports of the referenced material from Italy and the anti-dumping duty order from Italy and Japan would be likely to lead to the recurrence of material injury to the US steel industry. The Commission members have voted 3-2 with this regard. The above mentioned sunset reviews were instituted on December 1, 1999 and the revocation of existing duties were refused at that time, due to likelihood of harm to domestic industry. However the US Court of International Trade (CIT) ordered ITC to reconsider its decision due to the lack of evidence to support this refusal.