US DOC issues final results of Indian stainless steel bar review

Wednesday, 16 September 2009 15:58:22 (GMT+3)   -  
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On September 15, the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) announced the final results of its antidumping (AD) duty administrative review on stainless steel bar from India, the preliminary results of which were published on March 6. This review covers sales of stainless steel bar from India with respect to one producer/exporter, Venus Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Venus), during the period February 1, 2007, through January 31, 2008.

With regard to the administrative review in question, the DOC preliminarily determined to treat Venus and its affiliate Sieves Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd (Sieves) as a single entity for this review. Consistent with its preliminary results, the DOC also found that, based on Venus' representations that its corporate affiliation relationship with Precision Metals remained the same during the period of review as during the 2005-2006 administrative review, Venus and Precision Metals should be treated as a single entity in the proceeding.

Based on its analysis of comments received, the DOC has made adjustments to its preliminary result calculations of a 0.51 percent weighted-average percentage margin for Venus and its affiliates.

As a final result of its review, the DOC has found that a 0.09 percent (de minimis) weighted-average dumping margin exists for Venus Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd/ Precision Metals/Sieves Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd for the period February 1, 2007, through January 31, 2008.

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