Qian’an Zhayi Steel produces 2.0 mm HRC from 200 mm slab

Monday, 18 January 2010 14:44:12 (GMT+3)   -  
SteelOrbis News

Hebei Province-based Chinese steelmaker Qian'an Zhayi Steel has lately succeeded in producing 2.0 mm HRC from 200 mm thick slab on a large-scale production level. By using 200 mm slab, the mill is able to increase its rolling speed and improve its production capacity; meanwhile, the market prospects for 2.0 mm HRC are also very favorable.

This is the first time Qian'an Zhayi Steel has succeeded in making thin specification products from 200 mm slab. The company says that this new development lays a solid foundation for improved efficiency and expansion of production.

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