ITC decides certain tubes from Turkey and Mexico injure US industry

Monday, 27 October 2003 14:16:00 (GMT+2)   -  

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International Trade Commission (ITC) has recently published its determination that the imports of light-walled rectangular (LWR) pipes and tubes from Turkey and Mexico cause material injury or threaten US industry with material injury, by the sales of the aforementioned products at less than fair value in US. The eight US producers, alleging that the dumping margins ranging from 48% to 84% exist on the imports from Mexico and 3% to 61% exist on the imports from Turkey cause material injury to US industry, filed an anti-dumping case against imports of LWR tubes from Mexico and Turkey, as previously reported by SteelOrbis. These petitioners were California Steel and Tube, Hannibal Industries Incorporated, Leavitt Tube Company LLC, Maruichi American Corporation, Northwest Pipe Company, Searing Industries Incorporated, Vest Incorporated and Western Tube and Conduit Corporation. As a result of ITC's determination, the Department of Commerce (DOC) will continue to conduct its anti-dumping investigation on the above cited products imported from the two countries. The preliminary determination of DOC is to be released by February 16, 2004.