Baosteel announces decrease for Q4 2007 prices

Monday, 20 August 2007 15:45:53 (GMT+3)   -  
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On August 20, Baosteel announced its 2007 fourth quarter shipment prices. The prices of most product varieties saw reductions; for example, hot rolled coil prices decreased RMB 200/mt ($26/mt), while cold rolled coil prices went down RMB 400-500/mt ($53-66/mt). The details are as follows:

Semi finished products
1. The base price of slab increased RMB 200/mt ($26/mt). Low alloy slab prices have registered an additional RMB 100/mt ($13/mt) increase, while B20H and P20 grade die steel prices also registered additional increases, of RMB 200/mt ($26) and RMB 250/mt ($33/mt) respectively.

2. Billet base prices increased RMB 100/mt ($13/mt), while prices of 280-340 mm sizes saw an additional RMB 100 /mt ($13/mt) increase .

3. Round billet prices increased by RMB 200/mt ($26/mt), while 37Mn5 grades increased RMB 100/mt ($13(mt).

4. The prices of other products remained unchanged.

Long Products
For wire rods, third quarter prices have been retained as they stand.

Prices decreased RMB 200/mt ($26/mt).

Hot rolled pickled & oiled
The prices of SAPH series decreased by RMB 150/mt ($20/mt), while the prices of the remaining products dropped RMB 300/mt ($40/mt).

Cold rolled steel coil
Commercial quality (including BHG1, BHG2), DQ, DDQ series saw a RMB 500/mt ($66/mt) price decline, while the prices of the remaining products decreased RMB 400/mt ($53/mt).

Full Hard coil
The prices remain unchanged for September, maintaining their August level.
1. The prices of zinc-iron alloy products decreased RMB 100/mt ($13/mt), while the prices of pure zinc products decreased RMB 200/mt ($26/mt);
2. 51D+Z,52D+Z prices saw an added fall of RMB 200/mt ($26/mt) in addition to the above decrease;
3. The surcharge for zinc remains at RMB 300/mt ($40/mt), the same as in the third quarter.

Galvalume prices

The prices of 55 percent Al-Zn coated products remained unchanged from the third quarter, meanwhile the zinc surcharge also remained unchanged at RMB 100/mt ($13/mt).

Electro galvanized coil
Prices saw an overall RMB 300/mt ($40/mt) decrease;
2. Fingerprint-Proof EG is subject to additional increase of RMB 300/mt.

Color coated coil

August prices remained unchanged in September.

Heavy Plate
1. The base price of the third quarter is retained.
2. Alloy steel plate prices will partially increase, effective from October deliveries.

Electrical steel
All prices increased RMB 100/mt ($13/mt).

Electrolytic tin plate
1. The base price increased RMB 100/mt ($13/mt) for all products;
2. T1/T1.5CA BA grades are subject to a decrease of RMB 100/mt ($13/mt);

1. Machine pipe price decreased RMB 200/mt ($26/mt);
2. Oil pipe and boiler pipe prices retain their level of the third quarter;
3. ERW pipe prices also maintain their levels of the third quarter.

All the above prices exclude 17 percent VAT, and are effective from the date of the announcement.

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