Turkey’s scrap imports down 5.3 percent in January-February

According to the report released by the Turkish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD), in the January-February period of the current year Turkey’s scrap import volume decreased by 5.3 percent to 2.82 million metric tons, while these imports were valued at $894 million, down 23.5 percent, both on year-on-year basis.

In the given period, Turkey’s scrap imports from EU countries increased by 4.1 percent to 1.64 million mt, its scrap imports from the US decreased by 27.7 percent to 482,000 mt, while scrap imports from CIS countries reached 536,000 mt, up 5.7 percent, all year-on-year basis.

In the first two months of 2015, Turkey’s largest source of imported scrap on country basis was the United Kingdom, followed by the US, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and France.

In the January-February period, scrap imports from the United Kingdom increased by 88.3 percent to 563,000 mt, scrap imports from Russia amounted to 375,000 mt, down 12.2 percent, while scrap imports from the Netherlands totaled 256,000 mt, down three percent, all year on year.

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