SteelOrbis, the gathering point of the steel sector, continues to offer you new opportunities…

With our new ‘SteelBonus’ service, you will earn bonuses from the SteelOrbis products you buy and you can spend your bonuses whenever you buy new products from SteelOrbis!

What is SteelBonus?

A digital card account that will be created free of charge for all SteelOrbis users, including former members, current members, and companies that use SteelOrbis products without membership.

• When buying SteelOrbis products, you will earn maximum 10% of product prices as a bonus.

• Maximum amount of usable bonus can only be 50% of the net value of the product to be purchased and cannot be combined with any other campaigns.

Your SteelBonus page shows your virtual card, current bonus amount and your all bonus transactions. If you login in you can see SteelBonus button on My SteelOrbis page.


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