Steel can be fun (really)!

Conversations revolving around steel have a tendency to skew toward serious. Market trends, prices, demand outlooks, and end-use news are all valuable to daily business decisions of course, but is there some rule out there that steel can’t ever be fun?

Thanks to a Canadian steel structure manufacturer, building with steel might soon get a reputation for being more than hard work.  A new pre-cut steel framing system from BONE Structure snaps together without the need for nails or fasteners, much like Legos, cutting down on the time it usually takes to frame a building. With the BONE system, an average-sized house can be completely framed in five days. And in addition to the system’s time-saving aspects, the use of steel instead of load-bearing wood-framed walls makes remodeling, well, a snap.

Contractors and construction company executives who aren’t assembling the structures personally might not be too concerned with how fun it can be, but they are certainly interested in what this system means to their bottom line. Good news! While traditional steel framing systems cost about 15 percent more than wood framing, the BONE system only costs about 5 percent more. And there’s nothing like saving cold hard cash to help spread the gospel of steel when it comes to residential construction.

But let’s not forget the most important part: It snaps together like Legos! Construction workers will be fighting over these jobs like siblings at Toys-R-Us!

Of course, steel fun isn’t confined to the construction industry, or even those who work with steel in any capacity. Anyone with an artistic side can use steel to take breathtaking photos (and of course, have tons of fun in the process).

Mother Nature Network (MNN), an eco-focused lifestyle website, posted detailed directions on how to take photos like the one included here. All you need is some steel wool, a wire kitchen whisk, wire cable, a decent camera with a tripod, and a healthy dose of courage (and protective clothing/goggles, of course).

Detailed directions can be found here. Be safe, but most of all—have fun! With steel (who knew?)!

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