Mexican steel exports to the US fall 34.4 percent in September

Mexican steel exports to the US fell 34.4 percent in September, year-on-year, to 218,228 mt, according to media reports this week.

Mexican export revenues for steel in September reached $170.1 million, nearly 47 percent lower when compared to last year’s revenues of $320.6 million.

Mexican export prices to the US in September declined 19.16 percent, year-on-year, from an average price of $964.7/mt in 2014 to $779.8/mt this year, a media report noted.

As for the cumulative period of January to August, Mexico exported 1.76 million mt of steel to the US, reaching revenue of $1.53 billion, down from 2.22 million mt exported last year at a value of $2.04 billion.

According to media reports, Mexico was the fourth largest steel exporter to the US, just behind Canada, Brazil and Korea.

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