China’s exports to maintain slow growth in H2

The Finance Research Center of China’s Bank of Communications has stated that in the second half of the current year China’s exports will continue their slow pace of growth and that real domestic consumption will move on a stable trend.

In particular, in the whole of the current year it is expected that China’s exports will increase by 3.2 percent, while its imports are expected to decline by 4.8 percent, both year on year, resulting in a trade surplus of RMB 548.0 billion ($88.39 billion), equal to a 4.9 percent share of GDP. Meanwhile, it is expected that China’s current-account surplus for the current year will increase to a 2.8 percent share of GDP.

Furthermore, it is expected that fixed asset investments in China will increase by 13 percent year on year in the current year, with this growth rate declining compared to last year. Meanwhile, the growth of investment in the manufacturing and real estate sectors is expected to drop significantly, while investment in infrastructure construction will maintain its rapid growth trend.

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