Turkish metal producers’ foreign sales prices up 1.91% in Apr from March

According to the statistics released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), in April this year Turkish producers’ foreign sales price index (PPI)* in general increased by 2.01 percent from March and was up 6.07 percent year on year, while an average rise of 5.74 percent was registered for the latest 12 months.

In April this year, the foreign sales prices of producers in the Turkish domestic basic metal industry increased by 1.91 percent on month-on-month basis and were up 19.01 percent compared to April 2014. Meanwhile, the average increase in prices in the latest 12 months was 12.45 percent.

On the other hand, in April of the current year Turkish producers’ foreign sales prices for domestic manufactured metal products, except machinery, rose 1.25 percent compared to March and were up 9.57 percent year on year. Meanwhile, in the sector in question, an average increase of 9.11 percent in prices was registered in the latest 12 months.

*Foreign sales price index indicates changes in Turkish producers’ prices for other countries.

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