EU to impose AD duty on CR flat product imports from China and Russia

The European Commission will impose provisional antidumping (AD) duties on imports of cold rolled (CR) flat steel from China and Russia, of up to 16 percent for China and up to 26 percent for Russia, as stated in a report by Reuters. The investigation was launched following the application lodged by the European Steel Association (EUROFER) in April last year, alleging that Russia and China were dumping the steel products in question by selling them below market prices at home or below the cost of production in the EU market and thereby damaging the local industry.
According to Reuters, the provisional measures are due to be announced by February 14 and definitive duties, if imposed at the conclusion of the investigation, by August 12.
In December last year, the commission ordered the registration of cold rolled (CR) flat steel product imports from Russia and China, highlighting the possibility of imposing antidumping and countervailing duties for both import sources.
The products in question currently fall under Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers 7209 15 00, 7209 16 90, 7209 17 90, 7209 18 91, 7209 18 99, 7209 25 00, 7209 26 90, 7209 27 90, 7209 28 90, 7211 23 30, 7211 23 80, 7211 29 00, 7225 50 80 and 7226 92 00.

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