Borusan Mannesmann: US is not key export market for our small diameter line pipe

Turkish pipe producer Borusan Mannesmann has commented on the antidumping and countervailing duty rates announced by the US Department of Commerce for welded line pipe imports from Borusan Mannesmann, stating that the antidumping duty rate of 22.95 percent and the countervailing duty of 152.2 percent are high because the company did not become a party in the investigations. “The US small diameter line pipe market is not a primary export market for Borusan Mannesmann. We did not consider it necessary to become involved in the duty investigations since we already supply the US market with US-origin products from our US plant,” Borusan Mannesmann said. The Turkish pipe producer said that the US International Trade Commission is yet to make a final injury decision, while all the indicators signal that the decision will be in favor of US producers and that the duty rates will come into force. In case of a negative decision, the investigation will be terminated and the products in question will be imported without an additional duty. Meanwhile, Borusan Mannesmann said that it is maintaining its growth in the US large diameter line pipe market, which is one of the company’s strategic segments.

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